Report on Disability Equity in the South African Public Service February 2002

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research (PDF)

  1. Introduction

  2. The Legislative Context

  3. Broad Perspectives

  4. Civil Society Perspectives

Chapter 2: Research Framework (PDF)

  1. Introduction
  2. Terms of Reference for the Investigation
  3. Scope of the Study
  4. Methodology
  5. Problems Experienced in the Execution of the Project
  6. Responsiveness of Departments and Provincial Administrations

Chapter 3: Analysis of Findings (PDF)

  1. Introduction
  2. What is regarded as disability?
  3. Progress against targets
  4. An assessment of the Impact of the Employment Equity Act
  5. Employment Distribution of People with Disabilities
  6. Specific Policies, Strategies and Plans on Disability
  7. Recruitment and Selection Practices
  8. Skills development
  9. Work Environment and Collegial Support
  10. Awareness and Sensitization to Disability
  11. Conclusion

Chapter 4: Conclusions (PDF)

  1. Introduction
  2. Attainment of Targets
  3. Recommendations
  4. Conclusion
List of Tables

Table 1.1: Responsiveness in National Departments

Table 2.1 Eastern Cape Provincial Administration
Table 2.2 Gauteng Provincial Administration
Table 2.3 Free State Provincial Administration
Table 2.4 Mpumalanga Provincial Administration
Table 2.5 KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Administration
Table 2.6 Northern Cape Provincial Administration
Table 2.7 Northern Provincial Administration
Table 2.8 North West Provincial Administration
Table 2.9 Western Cape Provincial Administration
Table 3.1 Employment Figures for the National Departments
Table 3.2 National Departments that have attained 50% of the Employment target
(1% and above)
Table 3.3 National Departments that have reached less than 25% of the target (0,5%
and below) to-date
Table 3.4 Employment Figures for the Provincial Administrations
Table 4.1 Impact of Employment Equity Act on National Departments
Table 4.2 Impact of Employment Equity Act in Provincial Administrations

List of Graphs

Figure 1.1 Total Employed vs. Disabled Employed in National Departments
Figure 1.2 Total Employed vs. Disabled Employed in Provincial Administrations
Figure 2.1 Impact of Employment Equity Act on National Departments
Figure 2.2 Impact of Employment Equity Act at Provincial Administrations
Figure 3.1 Departmental Disability Policies
Figure 3.2 Provincial Administrations Disability Policies
Figure 4.1 Recruitment and Selection Practices used in National Departments
Figure 4.2 Recruitment and Selection Practices used in Provincial Administrations


A. Questionnaire on Disability Equity in the Public Service










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