Functions of the Commission

The Constitution, 1996, mandates the Commission to perform functions. In terms of Section 196(4) of the Constitution, the Commission shall:

  1. promote the constitutionally prescribed values and principles governing public administration in the public service;
  2. investigate, monitor and evaluate the organisation and administration, and the personnel practices, of the public service;
  3. propose measures to ensure effective and efficient performance within the public service;
  4. give directions aimed at ensuring that personnel procedures relating to recruitment, transfers promotions and dismissals comply with the constitutionally prescribed values and principles;
  5. report in respect of its activities and the performance of its functions, including any finding it may make and directions and advice it may give, and to provide an evaluation of the extent to which the constitutionally prescribed values and principles are complied with; and
  6. either of its own accord or on receipt of any complaint -
    1. investigate and evaluate the application of personnel and public administration practices, and report to the relevant executive authority and legislature;
    2. investigate grievances of employees in the public service concerning official acts or omissions, and recommend appropriate remedies;
    3. monitor and investigate adherence to applicable procedures in the public service; and
    4. advise national and provincial organs of state regarding personnel practices in the public service, including those relating to the recruitment, appointment, transfer, discharge and other aspects of the careers of employees in the public service.

    In terms of item (v) above the Commission shall report at least once a year to the National Assembly; and in respect of its activities in a province, to the legislature of the province.

    The Commission will at all times retain its independent and impartial status. Such interaction will in no way affect its reporting to the National Assembly or the various Provincial Legislatures.





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