The Public Service Commission (PSC) was established in terms of Section 196 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. The Constitution stipulates that there be a single Public Service Commission for the Republic of South Africa, consisting of fourteen members, five of which are appointed on the recommendation of the National Assembly. One member is appointed from each of the nine provinces, after nomination by the Premier of the province. The Commission is accountable to the National Assembly and must report annually to the Assembly. It must also report on its activities in each province to the Legislature of the province concerned.

In line with the Constitution as mentioned above, the PSC (Commission) comprises 14 Commissioners: 5 Pretoria-based Commissioners and one Commissioner Resident in each province. The Commission is headed by a Chairperson.


The following are members of the PSC:

The PSC is supported by the Office of the Public Service Commission (OPSC), headed by the Director-General, (who is the Accounting Officer). The Office has its Head Office in Pretoria and one Regional Office in each province. These offices serve as a base for the provincially-based Commissioners and are administered by Regional Directors, with a small staff complement.



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