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It's Here! - Introducing the new PSC news

Our first tool to directly reach our external stakeholders has finally rolled off the press and landed on your desk. PSCnews is the official external newsletter of the Public Service Commission.

It has been two years since the new Public Service Commission took office in order to function under new regulations and in terms of the Constitution of 1996. Gone is the 'old' Public Administration Commission as well as the post-1994 Public Service Commission under the interim Constitution of 1993. This saw to the functions of this new Commission differing from that of the 'old' Commission. Today's Public Service Commission has managed to review its role, out of which it has succeeded in carving out a new identity for itself in the new South African dispensation.

Most, if not all, commissioners and officials would agree that often when you come across people, one of the key questions that crop up is: what is the Commission and what does it really do? Juxtaposed to this is another reality plays out repeatedly: more often than not, the role of the Commission has been and continues being confused with that of the DPSA - and sometimes even regarded as one and the same department. Outsiders want to know the role and function of the Commission and further ask for clarity on the distinction between the PSC and the DPSA.

This newsletter serves as but one organ set to clear the confusion, while simultaneously letting you hear the voice of the PSC speak on the important issues pertaining to public administration and the state of public service in South Africa.

The work of the Commission, defined around its constitutional mandate, is designed to promote constitutional values and principles (listed separately in the newsletter), as well as to monitor and evaluate compliance in public administration pertaining to policies and regulations that are themselves generated by the DPSA.

With its mandated function (purpose) in mind, the new Commission goes about its business within the framework of definitive key performance areas outlined in this edition.

On the Corruption front, our Government is committed to the fight against corruption. In his speech at the launch of the National Anti-Corruption Forum (NACF) on June 15 2001, Deputy President Jacob Zuma reminded us that apartheid as a system institutionalised corruption, and made it a way of life. However, Government is investing so much in building a new ethos and inculcating good governance in our country. The launch of the NACFin itself was history in the making because it united public, private and civil society in the fight against corruption. On March 09 2001, South Africa became an active participant of the Global Programme against Corruption and made an undertaking to prevent and combat all forms of corruption.

Let us join hands in the fight against corruption by breaking the silence.

We hope that you will find our first newsletter informative and appealing. PSCnews will be produced once this year, and will be issued twice from 2002.
The Editor PSCnews

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Your feedback and general comments as our readers are valued. Tell us what you think about our newsletter, or what subject matter you would like to see covered in future editions.

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