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Welcome to the first edition of PSCnews, the official newsletter of the Public Service Commission. This publication, which will be distributed throughout the public service, Non Governmental Organization's and stakeholders will provide a platform, which facilitates communication and debates on service delivery, anti-corruption and public administration.

We introduce this edition at a time when an even greater realization of the important role that the Commission has to play in ensuring an effective and accountable public service, has manifested itself in all spheres of government and society as a whole. Whilst the Commission has been unabatedly pursuing its mandate of monitoring and evaluating public administration, it is increasingly being used by government as a key role player in promoting ethical behaviour in the public service, fighting corruption and developing accountability measures for the public service.

I hope that you will find our newsletter reader-friendly, entertaining and informative. I therefore invite all of you to use this newsletter to communicate with us and the rest of the public service on issues of service delivery and how we can together, combat corruption.

Professor Stan Sangweni
PSC Chairperson





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