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Qualification Audit of Senior Managers in The Public Service Complete

By Idran Naidoo - Chief Director: Human Resource Management and Development

The Chief Directorate: Human Resources Management and Development, which began with the ambitious project of verifying the qualifications of Senior Managers in October last year, has just completed its investigation and is in the process of tabling a report.

The investigation involved the verification of over 5 300 qualifications, drawn from 2 340 managers. The Senior Managers hold qualifications from 74 local institutions and 175 international ones, with the average Senior Manager (level 13 upwards) holding an average of 2, 19 qualifications.

The exercise has been useful and the following are some of its key findings:

  • Contrary to public perception at the time of the investigation, there is no widespread fraud with regards to qualifications. In fact, Senior Managers in the public service are credible, well trained, and the management echelon is representative in terms of race. There remain gender and disability imbalances that need to be addressed.
  • The senior managers' qualifications cover almost all major academic disciplines. There is a shortage of managers with specialist skills in management and finance. Initiatives by the South African Management Development Institute (SAMDI) and the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) have been taken, however, to provide customized training for Senior Managers, whose tasks will become more complex as they have to implement the PFMA, amongst others.
  • The training of senior managers has been concentrated in the major urban areas, especially around Gauteng. There is a need to ensure that training takes place more broadly across the public service and more specifically in the provinces and regions. Whereas 70% of the public service and population reside in the provinces, the majority of public service managers are to be found in the national offices. This skewed distribution of skills must be addressed, and it is certain that this will be a priority of Senior Management.

A very comprehensive dissemination strategy has been planned around this report. It will cover National Parliament, all Provincial Legislatures and representatives from Departments themselves.

Further to this, analysis will be done on the data-set that has been created. We also hope to open up the debate around the question of formal and non-formal qualifications, what the ideal generic skills profile of a manager should be etc. We will keep you posted on developments.

Article compiled by Indran Naidoo



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