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PSC Reports: A Barometer of our mandate

Acting on its mandate has meant serious business for the PSC. Part of this mandate, granted under the 1996 Constitution, provides for the Commission to undertake the role of investigating, monitoring and evaluating the performance of public administration, departments' adherence to government policies and their delivery of services to South African citizens.

Since its formal inception in mid-1999, the Commission has conducted investigations that resulted in substantive reports that were presented to Parliament and Provincial Administrations, among other key stakeholders. In addition to its findings reflected in the reports, the PSC also makes recommendations where warranted. In year 2000 alone, ten reports were released, which included:

  • Case study of the South African Post Office
  • Dismissals as a result of Misconduct
  • Evaluation of Annual Reports as an Accountability Mechanism
  • Policy guide on Annual Reporting
  • Career Management in the Public Service
  • Management of Probationary Appointments within the Public Service
  • The State of Representativeness in the Public Service
  • Home Affairs Batho Pele and Management Audit Investigations
  • Investigation into Land Administration, Geographic Information System Fleet Management in the Eastern Cape
  • Survey of Compliance with the Batho Pele Policy

Prior to this, in 1999, the PSC published several reports, namely:

  • Evaluation of the Department of Home Affairs
  • Management of Leave in the Public Service
  • Management of Remuneration Overtime in the Public Service
  • Code of Conduct for Public Service

The following additional reports were also produced.

  • Management of the non-pensionable danger and special danger allowance
  • Management information required by departments to effectively manage absence due to sick leave
  • Correctional Services:

    Management Audit Report
    Interim Report

  • Mpumalanga Qualification Audit Report: Directors and higher
  • Northern Province - Organisational Structure: Department of Agriculture
  • Foreign Affairs Transformation Strategy Document
  • Northern Cape Provincial Administration: Department of Safety and Liaison
  • Framework for the Evaluation of Heads of Departments
  • Risk Management: Draft Methodological Framework
  • Correctional Services Report into Irregularities in Human Resource Practices
  • Report on Investigation into Probation
  • Report on Investigation into Affirmative Action
  • Code of Conduct for Commissioners
  • Benchmarking departments against key requirements of the Batho Pele White Paper
  • Management of Leave and Overtime - Correctional Services
  • Maintenance of Asset Register
  • Affirmative Action Reporting Format for the Employment Equity Act

The published reports can be accessed on the PSC webpage via the South African Government Online - click on 'Departments'. (A new website for the PSC, designated with URL: is currently under construction and to be launched early in 2002.)

Article by Humphrey Ramafoko



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