Public Service Commission statement on the increased turnover rate of Directors-General and Heads of Department

18 July 2017

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has noted various reports of Directors-General and Heads of Department in the Public Service resigning, being placed on precautionary suspension or being disciplined. The allegations that these actions emanate from tensions at the political-administrative interface is disconcerting, as a high rate of turnover at the most senior level in the Public Service can have a destabilising effect to these departments and ultimately on service delivery.

The National Development Plan (NDP) makes reference to the fact that the states inability to pursue developmental objectives is caused by a complex set of factors, including tensions in the political-administrative interface.

The PSC has recently been encouraged by the efforts that have been made to improve the retention of Directors-General and Heads of Department, which has resulted in a slight increase in their tenure from 2.7 years in September 2015 to 2.9 years in September 2016. The developments regarding the possible high turnover rate of Directors-General and Heads of Department is likely to compromise good governance in the Public Service.

The PSC hopes that the disciplinary cases of affected Directors-General and Heads of Department will be dealt with promptly to ensure fairness and accountability. Long periods of suspension not only have a negative effect on the employees reputation, dignity and integrity, but also on the State. In the latter regard, it impacts negatively on the effective management of resources, service delivery, the morale of employees and accountability.


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